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Product Safety Testing and Service

Japan Product Safety

PSE Mark
The PSE Mark is a mandatory mark required on electrical or electronic appliances in Japan under the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (DENAN). We maintain close contact with a number of test houses that can conduct necessary tests in Japan.

ST Mark
ST Mark is allowed to put on toys or their packages only after having conformed to the ST Standard through the designated test houses accredited by the JTA. We have alliance with test houses in Japan and HK accredited by the JTA, that will provide required tests at reasonable costs.

Medical Device
Medical devices are classified from 1-4 categories depending on the risk level of the device under the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. It usually requires considerable efforts and time before the device gets approval to sell in Japan. It is therefore advisable to appoint a distributor who is capable of handling complicated paper work, also approved by the Government to handle and sell medical products. We will be able to find a distributor suitable for the particular medical product.

International Product Safety

CE Marking (Europe)
We have alliance with a number of test houses and consultants in Europe and can get CE marking through many years of close associations with them. Our strength is good access to the latest standards and regulations in Europe and transparency in costing.

Below are product areas and corresponding Directives covered by us:

EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility)
LVD (low voltage)
R&TTE (radio and telecommunications)
MDD (medical device)

EN71 (toys)

FCC is the US government body responsible for Radio and TV, and cabled and wireless communications including satellite communications. It administers standards and regulations of all communication equipment entering the US. Our alliance in the UK can handle testing of these equipment and issue certificates if compliant to the requirement.

KC Mark (South Korea)
KC mark now replaced previous marks for product safety of many products from 2011. We are associated with a Korean institution that can undertake necessary tests and issue certificates if all tests were met to the requirements.


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